As I was walking into my first Language Social class, I was so nervous—I hadn’t studied Spanish in years! Truly, I had nothing to worry about. The tutors and my fellow classmates were supportive, informative, and put me at ease immediately. I was so excited for the next class…and the one after that and the one after that! With the small group atmosphere, the tutors can design and organize classes around the students, rather than the students having to assimilate to the way the tutor teaches.

We practice speaking, review more formal textbook/workbook material, and read simple books, all within the same class. We meet in fun and casual environments, going to local restaurants or “field trips” to practice conversing with native speakers. Language Social has truly found a way of teaching foreign language in a way that encourages learning in all aspects that are important—and makes it fun too.
— Andrea - Intermediate Spanish, Member since January 2017

The combination of weekly tutoring, social activities and immersion trips makes this an especially interactive and holistic language learning experience - ideal for busy professionals. The non-traditional teaching methods beyond the class room enabled us to feel prepared and make the most of an immersive fun trip to Costa Rica.

The evening meet-ups at interesting locations and the widely traveled & well-versed instructors make this language learning a truly social experience! The flexible schedule and innovative teaching approach helped get me well on the way to checking off this item off my bucket list.
— Chandni - Beginner 2 Spanish, Member since January 2017

I love learning Spanish through Language Social. The small group setting makes the experience social and fun while providing plenty of opportunities to practice with knowledgeable tutors. I look forward to going each week.
— Jill - Beginner 2 Spanish, Member since January 2017

We started with our tutor Kelli from Language Social in the summer of 2017. We had already planned another trip to Bavaria in 6 months, so we had a lofty goal of becoming more comfortable with the language within a small time frame. We met for 2 hours every other week for the 6 months prior to our trip. Meeting at a coffee shop made the experience relaxed and enjoyable.

By the time we landed in Germany we could carry out more conversations with ease and confidence. Our German group has grown and we continue to meet for tutoring but also for local cultural events like Oktoberfest. We are excited to travel with others from Language Social to Europe and continue to grow and learn. Not only are we learning a new language and expanding our own cultural understanding, but we have made friends who share the same interests.
— Cassandra - Beginner 2 German, Member since May 2017