What is Language Social?

Learn a Language the Enjoyable Way!

  • A language learning lifestyle. We don’t offer typical classes, we offer a long term weekly routine!

  • Casual and fun learning! Enjoy meetings during happy hour or for coffee with your group at a local coffeeshop or café

  • Immersive & hands on learning. Learn through real life practice, local cultural events, and abroad travel

  • A group of social learners. Learn together in a group oriented atmosphere

  • A language group with multiple language offerings and locations!

Message from the Founder 

Welcome to our Language Learning Community!

Language Social was founded in 2017 in Cincinnati, OH. What started as a small neighborhood Spanish group, has grown into a modern language learning company. We are excited that you have made the decision to start your language learning journey with us. We promise to offer the proper support, education, and ongoing practice that is needed to become fluent in a language.

Our educational philosophy uses traditional and immersive learning methods to provide a lifestyle of learning. Learning a language does not happen instantly, it needs to be incorporated into your lifestyle and weekly routine. Language Social make this easy for members through social immersion events, group travel, and continuous language practice. Our community fosters lifelong language and cultural learners.  

At Language Social, we have realistic language learning expectations. It takes years to become fluent from the beginner level and we are here to guide you through the entire experience. While learning a language does not happen overnight, it can still be enjoyable and social. Our classes include easy to use workbooks and language learning games and the group learning environment creates an important social atmosphere. The social atmosphere allows members to create friendships, travel together, and help each other through the language learning lifestyle.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

Founder - Katie Keidel


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