Corporate Membership

We offer a variety of corporate options (small business, hospital/medical, government agencies, retirement communities, etc.). These courses are specifically tailored to fit the corporations schedule, location, and educational needs. We will follow up with the business once the sign up is submitted. 

Better Negotiations

Translators are good to have, but understanding the language first hand makes sure that you are negotiating on your own terms. Understanding another language allows you to view problems through a different lens and helps foster creative corporate problem solving.



Any Language and any U.S Location

Available for up to (10) Staff Members

(4) Hours/Month with Professional Tutor

10% Discount on Select Travel Options

20% Discount on Private Lessons

International Opportunities

A corporate membership is great for businesses who are looking to make a good impression while expanding their offerings internationally. Understanding the local language and culture gives your business credibility as well as opens up opportunities to solve a variety of problems.