Three Key Points of Language Learning

Do you ever wonder why so many people have the dream of learning another language but never seem to commit? In this blog, I go over three key points of language learning.

Unrealistic Expectations

In today's society, everything is about instant gratification. We are constantly viewing advertisements that make statements like - lose ten pounds in two days, make a homemade meal in under three minutes, or learn a new language in weeks! I think most people understand that they are being scammed, but it sets an unrealistic standard and expectation.

The reality of Language Learning

So can I learn a language in a couple of weeks? Or even months? If you would like to learn a handful of phrases to use on holiday and key vocab words, than a few months will do. But you cannot become fluent, or even past the beginner level, in a few weeks or months. Let’s be realistic, it took you years as a toddler/child to become conversational in your first language and you studied grammar throughout high school and college. So why would it be assumed that learning an additional language would take significantly less time?

Learning as a Lifestyle

I have no experience, how long does it take to become fluent in a language? There are many factors that determine how long it will take. How often are you taking classes and studying on your own? Are you consistent about your practice? Are you a fast learner? I think that a good rule of thumb is that will take you anywhere between 4-20+ years to become fluent - depending on the frequency of study. The point is - you will not become fluent overnight and learning a language is a lifestyle of constant practice and study. Even when you become fluent, it is essential that you are able to stick with your practice to maintain it!

Don’t become frustrated, accept that it takes time, and enjoy the ride!



Kevin Clark