Group travel - our favorite way to explore the world!

Traveling the world with new friends… I don’t think there is a better way to travel. Not only are you able to socialize with individuals, but you make friends with individuals who have similar interests! Our first Language Social group travel experience was in Costa Rica (April 2017) - and what an amazing adventure with a great group of individuals!

Cultural Excursions

On our Costa Rica adventure, we did a handful of exciting cultural excursions. One of our main goals was to experience the culture and country authentically. Our excursions included visiting a coffee plantation, hiking through local forests to see the monkeys and sloths, and strolling through the local market.

Luxury Accommodations

Even though we wanted to learn about the culture and the Spanish language on this trip, it was still our vacation! Being a group of 8 people, we were able to split the expense of a gorgeous vacation rental with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 pools, and a killer view of the forest with a backdrop of the ocean. Concierge helped us throughout the trip - from scheduling tours, stocking the house with groceries prior to our stay, and assisting us with any house needs.

Language Practice

Language practice was the main goal for multiple individuals! We were able to practice in the local restaurants, market, and excursions. The locals were very friendly and patient as we tested our conversation skills. A big shout out to our server at Cafe Milagro, he slowly spoke Spanish to us throughout our entire meal! Having multiple levels of language learners on the trip was also very beneficial, we helped each other with proper vocabulary and grammar.

Delicious Food

Latin American food is by far one of my favorites and I was excited that we were able to sample the gourmet, traditional, and local favorites. Our private chef the first night created a great mix and multiple options (vegetarian, ceviche, chicken, etc.). The dessert of the evening was the most delicious treats leches cake, I still crave it! Our authentic meals consisted of beans, rice, veggies, slow-cooked chicken, and tortillas...all pretty standard but cooked to perfection and with love. I can’t wait to go back for the food alone!!!

Hopefully, our group goes back to Costa Rica soon! There is so much more to explore, the country is full of wildlife, culture, and even tourist activities (if that is your thing). We hope to meet new friends on our next trip!

Until next time,



Kevin Clark